2017 Lucas Oil JuniorMotoX Race Recap

Second annual event generates increased participation and rave reviews

The second annual Lucas Oil JuniorMotoX, presented by Monster Energy had a huge increase in the number of participants gunning for wins in 24 classes inside the Lazy E Arena. The track received rave reviews again with the amazing dirt providing excellent traction and multiple lines. The Lucas Oil Racing TV team produced a live webcast of the event and will alsoair a one hour show in the coming months. The “pro” level TV package is on par with professional racing as this is the same team that produces the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross television broadcast.

“After more than 25,000 laps turned over the three days of practice and racing, we were treated to some very exciting racing and no serious injuries,” said Eric Peronnard, the co-creator of the JuniorMotoX. “It is very gratifying to have the riders, families and sponsors of this event provide such positive feedback but we also learned a lot to make it even better next year. And it was also special to witness Ty Masterpool winning the Jesse Cup, the race that was created to honor his brother’s memory.”

The 2017 JuniorMotoX included 23 classes and one special class to conclude the event named the Jesse Cup. The top twelve finishers in each of the two Supermini classes were invited to compete in the final race of the evening to honor the late Jesse Masterpool. In a storybook ending, Ty Masterpool, Jesse’s younger brother took the win in the Jesse Cup in addition to a win in the Supermini 2 (13-16) class.

Other notable class winners included Dax Bennick, Ryder DiFrancesco, Seth Denis, Jett Reynolds, Carter Halpain, Jordan Jarvis, Joshua Varize, Brock Papi, Katie Benson and Ramyller Alves,

There will be a one hour feature TV show scheduled to air on MAVTV in the coming months. Keep an eye on the www.juniormotox.com website for updates.

Plans are already under way for the third annual Lucas Oil JuniorMotoX.

Top three for each class listed below.

Detailed results can be found at: http://juniormotox.escoremx.com/class.asp

Photos provided by Frank Paradise.

51cc Limited (4-6)

  1. Gage Dunham, Cobra
  2. Jamison Hindman, Cobra
  3. Roy Eric Keene, Cobra

51 4-8 podium

51cc Limited (4-8)

  1. Mikah Carpenter, Cobra
  2. Cole Blecha, Cobra
  3. Gannon Lawson, KTM

51 6-8 podium

51cc (6-8)

  1. Seth Dennis, KTM
  2. Canyon Richards, Cobra
  3. Drew Adams, Cobra

65 Limited 7-9 podium

65cc Limited (7-9)

  1. Diesel Thomas, KTM
  2. Ryder Thompson, KTM
  3. Luke Fauser, KTM

65 7-11 podium

65cc (7-11)

  1. Dax Bennick, KTM
  2. Collin Allen, KTM
  3. Noah Viney, KTM

65 10-11 podium

65cc (10-11)

  1. Dax Bennick, KTM
  2. Collin Allen, KTM
  3. Noah Viney, KTM

85 limited 9-11 podium

85cc Limited (9-11)

  1. Ryder DiFrancesco, Kawasaki
  2. Chance Hymas, Kawasaki
  3. Krystian Janik, Kawasaki

85 9-12 podium

85cc (9-12)

  1. Jett Reynolds, Kawasaki
  2. Matthew LeBlanc, KTM
  3. Ryder DiFrancesco, Kawasaki

85 Senior 1 12-13 podium

Mini Senior 1 (12-13)

  1. Talon Hawkins, Kawasaki
  2. Sage Lewis, KTM
  3. Jett Reynolds, Kawasaki

85 SR 2 12-14 podium

Mini Senior 2 (12-14)

  1. Larry Reyes Jr., Husqvarna
  2. Joshua Varize, KTM
  3. Kaeden Amerine, KTM

85 Supermini 1 12-15 podium

Supermini 1 (12-15)

  1. Joshua Varize, KTM
  2. Jeremy Ryan, Kawasaki
  3. Jett Reynolds, Kawasaki

85 Supermini 2 podium

Supermini 2 (13-16)

  1. Ty Masterpool, TM
  2. Joshua Varize, KTM
  3. Chandler Baker, Yamaha

85 Jesse Cup 2017 Podium

Jesse Cup

  1. Ty Masterpool, TM
  2. Jeremy Ryan, Kawasaki
  3. Joshua Varize, KTM

Schoolboy 2 13-16 podium

Schoolboy 2 (13-16)

  1. Brock Papi, Suzuki
  2. Aiden Tijero, KTM
  3. Carter Halpain, Yamaha

125 2 stroke 12-18 podium

125 2-Stroke (12-18)

  1. Jesse Flock, Yamaha
  2. Palmer Neely, KTM
  3. Aiden Tijero, KTM

250 A podium

250 A (14-18)

  1. Ramyller Alves, Yamaha
  2. Kevin Moranz, KTM
  3. Max Markolf, KTM

250 Pro Sport (14-18)

  1. Ramyller Alves, Yamaha
  2. Kevin Moranz, KTM
  3. Carter Gordon, Yamaha

250 B Limited Podium

250 B Limited (14-18)

  1. Carter Halpin, Yamaha
  2. Zane Merrett, KTM
  3. Ethan Mann, KTM

250 B 14-18 podium

250 B (14-18)

  1. Carter Halpain, Yamaha
  2. Levi Newby, Kawasaki
  3. Zane Merrett, KTM

250 C Limited Podium

250 C Limited (14-18)

  1. Stockton Sinebaugh, Yamaha
  2. Mason Benson, Yamaha
  3. Parker Larson, KTM

250 C 14-18 podium

250C (14-18)

  1. Stockton Stinebaugh, Yamaha
  2. Rylan Smith, Kawasaki
  3. Matt Hannah, Yamaha

Girls 9-13 podium

Girls JR (9-13)

  1. Katie Benson, KTM
  2. Cami Samples, Kawasaki
  3. Adilyn Malcolm, KTM

Girls 12-16 podium

Girls SR (12-16)

  1. Katie Benson, KTM
  2. Cami Samples, Kawasaki
  3. Brianna Green, Yamaha

Women 14-18 podium

Women (14-18)

  1. Jordan Jarvis, Yamaha
  2. Brianna Green, Yamaha
  3. Landrey Hazen, Kawasaki
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