Girls Rock at JuniorMotoX

JuniorMotoX  strives to provide an opportunity females to race. Not just an add-on class but classes that give the youngest girls and the top Pros a place to compete safely and in a class that fits their age and skill level.

Women 14-18 podium

JuniorMotoX 2018 will add an all new Open Womens class to allow women over the age of 18 years to compete on the same awesome track as the best amateurs in the country.  The team at JuniorMotoX will have a special list of awards specific to the womens classes that will be provided by motorcycle industry supporters that feel just a strongly as we do.

Girls 9-13 podium


In 2017 Jordan Jarvis, Brianna Green and Landrey Hazen were on the podium in the Women 14-18 class. Can they do the same in 2018 ?


Image result for juniormotox jordan jarvis

The Girls SR 12-16 class saw Katie Benson, Cami Samples and Briana Green lead the competitive pack.


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